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Where are we now?

It has been almost half a year since we started the beta test.

A total of 40 brave astronomy friends engaged in the beta test, and they have provided numerous bug reports and improvement ideas. There have been 24 SW updates which have amounted to almost one update per week.

Thanks to the endless support of Astroid lovers, Astroid's web interface, sky recognization, and polar alignment features are pretty solid now. Also, many interesting new features were added. See our latest demos in the following video.

Now we are preparing an official release of the product so that Astroid can assist more people. The official version will resolve all of the SW and HW problems that were found during the beta test, and it will come with a beautiful box to store the device safely. Also included are a couple of accessories to maximize its utility.

For those interested in purchasing Astroid, it will be available in most major offline stores in Japan and Australia by July 2022. For the buyers in the rest of the world, Astroid will be shipped individually from Australia.

Stay tuned for more updates.


To all beta testers: I sincerely appreciate your participation. Without your help and advice, this project would not have been completed.

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