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Astroid: World's First AR Platform for Astronomy

Introduction to the Astroid

Astroid is a new astronomic software platform focused on visual intrest-driven astronomy. Visual intrest-driven astronomy is a method in which users naturally become interested in astronomy by stimulating users' interest through visual elements instead of the traditional user-led astronomy approach that requires a lot of effort. To this end, Astroid supports instant sky recognition, visual enhancement, and astronomy-related tools that allow novice users to easily become interested in astronomy.

Astroid can be operated on various computing platforms (such as desktop, ARM board, Raspberry Pi, Rockchip board) which make Astroid an AR solution for various astronomical devices.


Web interface

Astroid is web-based. You don't need to install any app or program. Just open up your web browser and type "". This will let you use the 3D web planetarium from any device you have such as a smartphone, tablet, and PC.

Augmented Reality for Astronomy

Observing the night sky through a telescope can be challenging, as it can be hard to identify objects in your telescope's view. While new technologies make it easier to locate celestial objects and capture images, the process can be tedious and uninteresting for beginners.

Our AR technology uses enhanced visuals to spark interest and make the experience more engaging. Astroid uses instant sky recognition to identify interesting celestial objects near your telescope view or guide the way to any sky object you want to see through your telescope's eyepiece.


If you reading this, you might get tired of aligning your telescope to the sky or using a manual telescope. The night sky is vast and your time is limited. Backed by DynamicDeepSKY's real-time sky recognition technology, eFinder app will let you find deep sky objects in no time either you have a moon or a cloud in the sky.  

Screenshot from 2021-07-12 01-46-45_edited.jpg

​With our state-of-the-art real-time plate solver technology, you can convert any of your manual telescope mounts such as a large Dobsonian or binocular into a digital telescope with the smart and instant guide ability. Nighttime is limited. Spend less time hopping and enjoy the beautiful objects.

EAA Stacker

Electronically Assisted Astronomy(EAA) is getting popular these days. It will show you 100 times brighter image than you see sky objects with your bare eyes. Astroid camera can be used as an EAA camera as well. Just remove the front lens and slide it into your existing telescope or DSLR lens. You don't have a star tracker or motorized mount? No worries. EAA Stacker App will automatically track the stars and stack the images to show you stunning images on your device.

You don't have a star tracker or motorized mount? No worries. EAA Stacker App will automatically track the stars and stack the images to show you stunning images on your device.

Dr. Pole

This is another stunning feature of Astroid. Dr. Pole let you do the polar alignment within just 30 seconds to a few minutes. What you need to do is just click or touch the "Next" button three times, No star selection, and no computer is required. Surprisingly you don't even need to put the pole star in the view at all! With Dr. Pole, you can do the polar alignment, even when a tree or a building is blocking the view of the Polaris and Sigma Octantis (the southern pole star).

AR Zoom

Astroid's AR Zoom is a key feature for Augmented Reality Assisted Astronomy (ARAA). Astroid's server stores gigabytes of pre-recorded space images, which can enhance the image from your telescope to make it appear visually more interesting. This makes it easier to observe faint or small objects, even with a small telescope lens.

What's next?

This is not the end of our story. So many more interesting features are about to be released soon. Interested? Subscribe to us on Youtube and stay tuned!

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