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Telescope & Mounts

AR Dob 10"

Introducing our groundbreaking Dobsonian telescope, equipped with the latest in augmented reality technology - Astroid. Our telescope has been designed with ease of use in mind, allowing both amateur and professional astronomers to easily navigate the night sky and observe celestial bodies with precision and accuracy.

With Astroid, the telescope's advanced augmented reality technology, users can simply point the device towards the sky and have a live view of what they are looking at on their smartphone or tablet. This makes it easier to find specific stars, planets, and other celestial bodies, as well as track them as they move across the night sky.

Experience the universe like never before with our augmented reality Dobsonian telescope, featuring Astroid technology.


  • Built-in Astroid Focuser

  • 10" Parabolic primary mirror 

  • Focal length: 1250mm, F/5

  • 2" Precision Micro 10:1 Crayford style focuser

  • 3 points mirror cell w/cooling fan

  • Roller bearing wood base

  • Premium Plossl 9mm (1.25")

  • Premium widefield SuperView 30mm (2")  

  • 2" Eyepieces tray 


Astroid Focuser


  • 2" Precision Micro 10:1 Crayford-style focuser

  • Wide input voltage range of 8~18v

  • 256 x 256 IPS LCD display

  • 110-degree lens for augmented reality (AR)

  • AR zoom capability up to 1 degree

  • High precision with accuracy down to 0.05 degrees

FloaticMotion - HD serises


  • Smooth movement for precision tracking

  • Stable even with heavy loads

  • Tension is adjustable for optimal control

  • Capable of supporting up to 20Kg or 30Kg (depending on the model)

  • Astroid Multi Mount kit is available as an optional add-on

FloaticMotion - Forest series


  • Beautifully crafted from solid wood for an elegant look

  • Tension is adjustable for optimal control

  • Lightweight and suitable for travel

  • Capable of supporting up to 10Kg of weight

  • Astroid Multi Mount kit is available as an optional add-on

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