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Use Case Study: Astroid + Sony A7S + SLT130

Well, if you have any old DSLR and an old Az Alt telescope, this could be an interesting turning point to put your telescope back into the backyard. In this post, we will show you how you can change your old manual az alt telescope into a stunning digital deep-sky explore.

Configuration of the day

Nothing complicated here. Sony DSLR is inserted into the telescope's eyepiece holder and Astroid is attached to the finder scope holder. Don't forget to put your SLT130 battery in. Did you have the same model and just realized that you forgot to bring the battery after driving 2 hours from your home? Alt axis of this model can't be moved without the battery But no problem. Just lift the telescope a little bit and move the whole bit around. You will have a good sleep.

How does it look like in the sky?

We just attach everything we need to the telescope. Now it's time to explore the sky. I randomly selected some interesting deep sky objects in the sky tonight: M7, NGC6231, M24, M8, M4. Open up the Astroid's web controller and put the object number in the search window. This will show you where you have to move your telescope. As I was lucky enough not to forget about the battery, I will use the hand controller to move it. The following video shows how does it look like on the telescope.


Astroid + DSLR + manual telescope is obviously a fantastic combination for Eletricitally Assisted Astronomy. The good news is that the Astroid team is working on the direct DSLR support. You will be able to run DSLR image stacking and processing on Astroid and access to it remotely from your mobile device. Wouldn't it be amazing? Subscribe to us on Youtube if you want to hear the update.

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