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How to do the polar alignment in 3 minutes

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Polar alignment is a never-ending time killer for anyone who operates EQ mounts. If you are living in the Northern hemisphere you are lucky to have the Polaris around the pole. It is a fairly easy job with a built-in polar scope although it might be hard to get good accuracy. What about the Southern hemisphere? Well, this is why we are writing this post now. Polar alignment in the Southern side is an absolute beginner killer. Sigma Octantis, the southern pole star, is barely visible unless you are an owl. There are a couple of better options than the built-in polar scope if you are willing to spend some money on high-tech devices. With the advent of high sensitivity CMOS sensors, polar alignment can be electronically assisted. Of course, our Astroid supports that too but in a far better way and in an interactive manner than the existing solutions. Dr.Pole, the polar alignment app in Astroid, takes a completely new approach to polar alignment. Backed by DynamicDeepSKY's state-of-the-art sky recognition technology, Dr.Pole does not ask you to manually select any stars not to mention that the camera doesn't need to see around the pole which are the common two shortcomings of existing solutions. Imagine that an annoying giant tree is blocking the view of the pole in your backyard. How about there is the moon around the pole? Maybe, you have no idea where the pole is at all. These are not a problem anymore...only if you have an Astroid. The following video shows how it could be easy with Astroid and just in 3 minutes.

What you need to do is just clicking the next button three time and adjusting your mount. Don't waste your time on polar alignment anymore.

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